A couple of months ago I was approached by one of the learning support assistants at school (the same lady I made this 3D Minion cake for) to make a campervan cake for someone in her family. I duely said yes and starting researching different tutorials. I collected together everything I found onto this Pinterest board.

I didn’t have time to take any photos as I was cooking as this was made on a weeknight during a busy week at school. I used Jo Wheatley’s vanilla celebration cake recipe which I’ve used before and have always found to work well. I’d been requested to make it using purple icing so I bought some Renshaw dark purple icing for the body and grey icing for the windows. This helped to save a lot of time as when I’ve made my Minion cakes I’ve coloured my own fondant icing which I’ve found quite time consuming.

Considering I didn’t practise beforehand I was really pleased with how well this cake turned out. There were definitely a few things I could tweak and improve on if I ever need to make another one again! I’ve already got my next request in and will be busy researching superheroes over the summer holidays!

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