Piñata drip birthday cake


So this week my babies turned 4. How time flies when you’re running around after 2 Disney princess-obsessed little ladies. For months the request had been for a yellow, sprinkle cake (very similar to last year’s cake) but then suddenly last week, with 3 days to go this changed to a blue Cinderella cake. After a mad panic, and scouring eBay I found a Cinderella cake topper that would work with what I already had planned (and luckily the blue-ness was quickly forgotten). I decided I wanted to make a few changes to last year’s cake so I thought it might be fun to make it a piñata cake with some sweets in the middle and to also add a drip topping as this is something I had tried a few months ago and felt confident to try again. Luckily the finished article was deemed a success by my harshest critics and the inclusion of Cinderella brought squeals of delight.
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