Strawberry & White Chocolate Cheesecake


My Dad has been visiting this weekend. The last time I made my Dad a cheesecake it was a bit of a disaster (forever to be known as the baked rhubarb omelette incident). I’m happy to say today’s cheesecake was much more a success. This was meant to be a Ferrero Rocher cheesecake from May’s issue of Good Food magazine. Off we went to the brand new Waitrose near us (I am worried by just how excited I was in there – they have a patisserie and you get a free coffee – what more could you want?) to purchase the ingredients. After purchasing most of the ingredients we then went to the local greengrocers where we bought a huge box of strawberries for a pound. It was then decided that perhaps a strawberry cheesecake would be a better use of ingredients. After a quick trawl of the Internet I found this recipe on the Baking Mad website for a white chocolate and strawberry cheesecake.

This recipe will serve 12 and needs a 20cm or 23cm springform tin. It’s easy to make and doesn’t take too long (I managed to make it in about an hour). It does take a while to chill (minimum 4 hours – overnight is ideal) so it will need to be made in advance.
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Cadbury’s Creme Egg Brownies – Take Two


When I first made these Cadbury’s Creme Egg brownies last year they were a BIG hit in the staffroom at school and with Mr Birdie. When I promised I would bake recently they were top of the request list! It is very rare that I make the same recipe again and again as I like to try out new recipes (the exception being my banoffee pie which is one of the few things I return to) so I didn’t want to use the same recipe that I used before. After a bit of research I decided on this Eric Lanlard recipe which has been doing the rounds on Twitter and Facebook. It’s not too dissimilar to the recipe I used before.

This recipe will make 10 brownies using a rectangular tin (a square one will work as well – just reduce the number of Creme Eggs).
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Vintage Chocolate Chip Cookies


I’m not sure what exactly makes these ‘vintage’? According to the BBC Good Food website this is a ‘retro’ recipe (whatever that means!) Maybe they’re meant to take you back to your childhood when enjoyed with a glass of milk? Anyway, they are yummy and definitely hit the the chocolately, sugary spot.  It has been a busy week at work (with another busy one coming up) so I decided I need to bake something to say thank you to my colleagues for their enthusiasm towards the maths week I organised but to also keep us going through the forthcoming busy days. I had said I would make Cadbury’s Creme Egg brownies but with the sunshine today I felt something lighter was in order so decided to make this BBC Good Food recipe.

The bonus of this recipe is that it only needs one bowl and can be rustled up pretty quickly. The recipe makes approximately 20 soft and yummy cookies (depending on size).
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Pear & Toffee Muffins


We had a team night out last night to watch two of our colleagues in a production of ‘Acorn Antiques’. We decided to arrive early to allow us to indulge in some tea and cake. Myself and another of my colleagues offered to bake. I had seen this recipe a few weeks ago when I had some pears to use up and decided they would be pretty easy to whip up yesterday when I was short of time.

This is a recipe I found on the BBC Good Food website that you can find here. The recipe makes 12 muffins.
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