Easter Rocky Road


I know I’m a little late posting this at the end of the Easter weekend but like me you may have some leftover chocolate currently lurking in your house. Should you wish to share it rather than eat it this is the recipe for you. I made this Easter Rocky Road as an end of term treat for my colleagues for the last day of term. I’ve made Rocky Road before but this is a slightly different recipe. If making it for Easter you can always add an extra Easter touch with some Easter-themed sprinkles or marshmallows but it works just as well without. This is a recipe from Olive Magazine.
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Terry’s Chocolate Orange Cheesecake


First of all apologies for the photos in this post. They were taken with my mobile phone as I was at home in North Devon without Mr Birdie’s DSLR and they’ve not turned out the best. Anyway, on with the recipe! To me a Terry’s chocolate orange says Christmas. The smell, the taste, the packaging make me think of this time of year. I made this as a dessert for Christmas day lunch. It’s a recipe from a blog called What Jessica Baked Next that I follow that you can find here. I saw it back it in November and mentally filed it away as a possible Christmas day dessert.
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