Banana & pecan fudge loaf


This was a big hit in the staffroom today and was just what we needed to keep us going through the craziness of working in a school as Christmas approaches! I had been given lots of bananas that were past their best so investigated a whole host of banana cake recipes. I found this one on the BBC Good Food website and thought it would make a change from traditional banana bread. It has a very moist texture and is quick and easy to make. The original recipe uses chewy toffees but I had some fudge that needed using up so swapped the toffee for fudge. You can also swap the toffee yogurt for fudge yogurt depending on what you can find in the shops. I also didn’t have the exact amounts of pecans or fudge but it still worked just as well. You will need a 900g (2lb) loaf tin.
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