Squidgy pear & hazelnut chocolate spread cake


I first saw this recipe two years ago and have wanted to try making it ever since. Every time I’ve had some pears I’ve considered it but the thought of using a whole jar of chocolate spread (yes – a whole jar) has always put me off a little bit. Anyway, last weekend I decided to get over this and just give it a go. I’ve made something similar before when I made Jo Wheatley’s chocolate and pear torte.
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Banana Nutella Cake


On my mission to find banana cake recipes I found this recipe on Pinterest. Personally I think bananas and chocolate are a match made in heaven! I’ve made a marbled Nutella and banana loaf cake before but not tried making it in cake form. This is another quick and easy recipe to make. It makes a moist cake, however it’s not overly chocolatey. It’s an American recipe so it uses cups rather than grams which if you don’t have you can use a conversion website.
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Going bananas… Nutella Swirled Banana Bread


I’m not normally one for mid-week baking but today I have been on a course so was home before 6 o’ clock (usually unheard of!) and decided it would be a good opportunity to use up some over ripe bananas. I’d seen    this recipe for Nutella Swirled Banana bread and decided it would be good to give it a go.
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