Salted Caramel Billionaire’s Flapjack


This post comes with a warning. If you are on a diet, trying to avoid fat, trying to avoid sugar or trying to avoid your dentist this is not the recipe for you! This was an experiment. On our way home from Devon after the Easter weekend we stopped at a Morrisons where we picked up some Billionaire’s Flapjack (chocolate flapjack with a caramel topping). Mr Birdie then suggested I would like to try making my own. After a bit of investigation I decided to give it a go but add a salted caramel twist. This is by no means a perfected recipe as I think the proportions need a little tweaking. It went down well at work and was a revelation to my colleagues who had never tried salted caramel before. I used a 17 x 25cm rectangular baking tin however I think a slightly bigger one would have helped make the proportions better by reducing the thickness of the chocolate flapjack.
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