Easy seed & grain loaf


After my bread making success last weekend I decided to give bread another go. I’d seen this recipe on the BBC Good Food website and decided as I still had some wholegrain flour that needed using up I would give it a go. I slightly adapted the recipe by choosing to prove it overnight in the fridge rather than the 1 hour at room temperature as suggested. I have to say I was little disappointed as although my bread did rise quite a bit the end result was a little flat and the bread had quite a heavy texture – it does still taste nice though. I think this may be down to my loaf tin which is quite wide and flat so a new loaf tin is on my shopping list for the weekend! I also struggled to get the seeds added as decoration at the end to stay on and most of the them have popped off when I have cut the bread – this is also a problem I found when I made my cottage loaf last weekend.
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