Hi, my name is Dilys – Welcome to Little Birdie Baking


My obsession with baking was getting a little out of hand and I’m sure my friends were beginning to get a bit fed up with my endless posts on Facebook, so I decided to start a blog to chart my adventures in baking!

By day I’m a Primary School teacher working for Hampshire County Council, UK. But more importantly I’m an enthusiastic baker, wife, cat (Reuben) & rabbit (April) owner (see below) and coffee lover.

Hope you enjoy reading the blog – please let me know what you think.


One thought on “About me

  1. Delicious, I used 300 ml of Guinness that had been in the fridge a week as I was out of wine. Also I baked the cobbler on a baking sheet until the were nice and brown before placing them in the stew.
    I’ going to make this again this week a really lovely winter warmer.❤️

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