Creamy chicken and leek pie


Now I’m not normally one for a savoury bake but this weekend for our Sunday dinner I decided to try something a little different. After investigating the deepest depths of the fridge and freezer and finding some chicken and leeks I decided chicken and leek pie would make a change from our usual Sunday roast dinner. I don’t usually have the time to make anything as involved as we are usually out and about on the weekends but lockdown has meant that life is lived at a more leisurely pace so I decided to give it a go. I’d saved this Hairy Bikers’ recipe a little while ago and had the ingredients it needed so off I went!
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Easter egg cookies


And so another 3 weeks of lockdown begins. My aim a few weeks ago was to try and blog more often. I wasn’t expecting these to be the circumstances that allowed me to do it. Today was the first rainy day in a very long time and with two toddlers to entertain I decided baking would provide some good afternoon entertainment. Should you have any leftover Easter eggs (I know with lockdown this could be a slim possibility but if not I’m led to believe there are some bargains to be had in the supermarkets) these are the ideal cookies to make. These cookies use white chocolate, plain chocolate and mini eggs so even if you don’t have any leftover Easter eggs you might be able to improvise with what you already have at home. These are very easy to make and only need one bowl, no resting time and only need one egg if you’re finding eggs are still in short supply.
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Chocolate fudge crinkle biscuits


Well the world is a very different place since I last posted. Coronavirus, panic buying, social distancing and lockdown may have affected how you are cooking, baking and eating at the moment but hopefully you might be finding some solace in being in the kitchen. You may also be trying to entertain and educate some little people in which case I can highly recommend this recipe. I’ve been blessed with two little ladies who have luckily inherited their Mummy’s love of baking and this was the perfect afternoon activity for two three year olds who were desperate to be let loose in the kitchen! Also if you’ve not braved the shops or you’re finding it tricky to source ingredients, these use ingredients you are already likely to have at home. The only fresh ingredients they use are eggs.
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